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What is MUSE?

MUSE is an agent for the treatment of existing erectile dysfunction. This means that MUSE can be used if the man’s penis is not sufficiently stiff for sexual intercourse for physical reasons. This aid can also be used in the presence of paraplegia and the resulting erectile dysfunction. MUSE is a sexual enhancer in the broadest sense, but with one small difference: MUSE is not administered in tablet form, as is usual with conventional sexual enhancers. MUSE: These are sticks of active ingredients that are inserted directly into the urethra in men.


These rods completely dissolve there. The preparation contains the active substance alprostadil. This active ingredient is a substance that occurs under normal conditions in human metabolism. Due to its effect on the blood vessels, it is possible to use alprostadil to treat erectile dysfunction. In addition to MUSE, this active ingredient is also found in several prescription drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Alprostadil is a vasoactive substance. MUSE requires a prescription. The doctor issues a private prescription to the user. Health insurance does not reimburse the cost of this preparation.

Mechanism of action

Since the body’s own messenger substance, alprostadil (also known as prostaglandin E1), is introduced directly into the urethra in men, it can immediately release its effect there. Alprostadil causes the muscle cells of the penile arteries to become almost slack, which means that the blood vessels can dilate. In this way, it is possible that the blood can flow better or at all into the erectile tissue. This triggers an erection, even in users whose spinal cord is no longer intact as a result of an accident or illness—i.e., people who are paraplegic. However, the erection caused by alprostadil only lasts about an hour.

Erectile Dysfunction

Re-insertion of an active substance stick on one day or in a row is not recommended. The time of about an hour must therefore be sufficient for the sex act that is to be performed. Overdosing on MUSE can result in an uncomfortable and painful permanent erection. Whether the method to combat or circumvent erectile dysfunction can or may be used in individual cases requires consultation with a doctor. Especially for people with paraplegia, MUSE represents an alternative treatment method for symptomatic erectile dysfunction, i.e., often associated with paraplegia. However, MUSE has an advantage over other sexual enhancers or methods that also work when the nerve tracts between the brain and penis are blocked, damaged, or completely interrupted, as is the case with paraplegia.

Drug Sticks

The method does not cause any pain. The mode of action of MUSE occurs more quickly than other remedies for erectile dysfunction. It only takes about 10 minutes from the insertion of the active ingredient stick into the urethra until the effect begins, i.e. until the penis becomes stiff. The reason for this is that the active substance sticks are used exactly where they can exert the greatest influence on the muscle cells of the penile arteries, and the blood vessels then expand quickly after the insertion of the active substance stick. The reason for this is that the active ingredient, alprostadil, it contains is a so-called prostaglandin. Alprostadil has a vasodilating effect and is also anticoagulant.

Application and Dosage

To use MUSE, you only need one drug stick for a planned sex act. There are three different dosages of MUSE available: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg pods of the active ingredient alprostadil. In general, it cannot be said which dosage is best for which cause of erectile dysfunction. Ultimately, the optimal dosage of MUSE is that prescribed by the treating physician. The dosage should not be changed voluntarily by the user-neither increased nor decreased.

10 seconds

After the insertion of the active substance rod, it is necessary that the penis be kept erect and also stretched. This should be maintained for at least 10 seconds. It is best for the user to hold the penis firmly between the hands that enclose it. The erection occurs within a few minutes. In some cases, the erection only lasts half an hour instead of an hour. Immediately after inserting the active ingredient stick, it begins to dissolve and release the active ingredient alprostadil. It is important that the preparation be stored in a cool place. Otherwise, the active substance sticks with the active substance contained and their effectiveness is lost.

Who is MUSE not suitable for?

The use of MUSE is not suitable for men who suffer from diabetes or for those who are more prone to side effects such as heart problems, circulatory problems, or sudden changes in blood pressure.

Is muse possible without a prescription?

No, MUSE always requires a prescription to use.

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